Welcome to my personal landing page.

I’m a backend and middlware software engineer with a strong focus on the JVM and the surrounding ecosystem. I’ve spent the last few years working on a suite of services for the healthcare platform at Optum, Inc. I have 7+ years of experience with Java, the Spring Framework and the myriad of libraries that facilitate SOA and Microservice applications.

In my personal projects I often steer clear of the JVM as I work with it on a daily basis during the work week. My tools of choice outside of work are Python and Rust, with a sprinkling of Go and the occasional foray into Common Lisp or Racket. A lot of my personal projects end up on my internally deployed GitLab instance and I find the integrated CI suite to be particularly useful. In fact, this site is built on that system and deployed automatically when changes are made to the underlying git repository.

This site is hosted on a small Digital Ocean droplet that I personally manage. While the majority of my personal projects that run as services are hosted as docker containers on my homelab server or on a mediocre dedicated server I rent from nocix.net.

I don’t spend much time writing, but when I do feel the itch I’ll often drop a piece of content at my old blog or at the new NullOctet blog